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Using Laser to Remove Acne Scars

It is possible to control or limit acne outbreaks with a good diet and correct hygiene. However there is still always a chance of your suffering from an acne breakout that may leave scars on your body and face.

If you suffer from major acne scarring, it’s better to consult your dermatologist for help in regaining smooth skin. This is because though there is lots of help out there, some treatments may end up aggravating the condition instead of healing it.

However there lies hope in using laser acne removal to help solve your acne scarring problems. Though laser acne removal is very expensive when compared to other acne scar removal options, it is the most effective option that gives good results.

Laser acne removal options

There are two types of laser acne removal treatments you can choose and use for eradicating your acne scars. With ablative laser acne removal, the external dermal layer is destroyed so that new cells can grow into a new layer.

As this is an extreme laser acne removal method, it needs a longer healing time with proper management. So make sure your skin does not get infected or is exposed to harsh elements like swimming and sunlight. There are some side effects associated with ablative laser acne removal like permanent whitening of the treated area with more scarring.

The second acne laser removal option you have is the non-ablative laser method where the skin layer under the epidermis is treated while the external skin layer remains intact. This option has fewer risks associated with it, and a shorter healing process and is why it is the preferred choice of laser acne removal.

No matter which acne scar removal process you opt to use, all laser treatments require your undergoing multiple sessions for effective acne scar removal. Acne laser removal puts less stress on your skin as all the surrounding healthy cells of your acne help in repairing the affected region to help you regain flawless skin without scars of any form.


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